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The following Larry Scott workout and diet information is from an interview he had with Irving Johnson:

How he trains:

"At present I'm on what you might call a Split-Routine system--not in the commonly accepted term but one I have worked out which seems to suit me best. It might not be the best for anyone else but it works very well for me. First, I train 6 days per week on this type of routine. Here is how I work. This is important. I work approximately 2 or 3 muscles or muscle groups per day. I do 3 to 4 exercises for each muscle or muscle group 2 or 21/2 times per week. Keeping in mind the above routine, I do 8 to 10 repetitions for each set and from 6 to 8 and sometimes even 10 sets. This holds true of all muscle areas but the calves and forearms. Because of the nature of their muscle fibers I use higher rep's (up to 20 repetitions). I finish many of my sets with the "burns" (rapid, short movements to give an intense, aching, burning feeling). Considering the above you will find that I do about 20 to 30 sets per body part, muscle or muscle group. Let me use the biceps as an illustration. I would probably use about 4 different exercises for the biceps and 5 to 6 sets for each exercise of 8 to 10 repetitions. This would make a total of 24 sets for the biceps. If I were working the Biceps, Triceps, and Deltoids today. I would have 4 exercises for each and say 5 sets of each exercise or a total of 60 sets for my workout today. This type of workout takes me about 2 hours. I do not rest too much between exercises or between sets but try to keep moving along pretty well. Tomorrow I would work another body part or group of muscle, perhaps two or three groups or single muscles as the case might be. So each day I change body parts, groups of muscles or individual muscles. I get back to these muscles about twice per week. Each workout takes me about 2 hours each night or 12 hours work per week. I try to do the next set of exercise as soon as I can after the previous set in order to keep as much blood as possible in the muscle and maintain the pump and achieve a "burn". This system might not be good for everyone but it works well for me."

Larry Scott doing machine curls

Heavy or Light Weight:

"I never have used extremely heavy weights for my exercises. In the curl for instance it is pretty rare if I ever go over 150 lbs. Probably much of the reason for my not using heavier weights is the type of gym I work out in. I do all my workouts in Vince's (Vince Gironda) gym and this gym is not oriented towards heavy weights. It is aimed more at training for shape and definition I guess this is because Vince himself has this type of physique. Much of the exercise done is of the isolation nature--that is certain muscles are exercised alone rather than in groups and in this type of exercise you do not and can not use as heavy a poundage. Vince's gym has many pieces of specialized equipment for doing isolated muscle movements. There are several pieces of equipment just for doing specialized biceps and triceps movements. We do not do exercises like cheating curls, cheating presses etc."

Larry Scott doing reverse curls with e-z curl bar

His Diet:

"Basically I eat a lot of meat, cheese, and eggs. I like cottage cheese and meat--mostly beef in various forms. I eat almost no carbohydrates and very few vegetables. I supplement my diet with Johnson's Protein. That is about it. It's a rather bland diet but it seems to work best for me at the present time anyhow."

Images of Larry Scott through the years

What he ate to go from 170 to 210 lbs.:

"I was using from 11/2 to 2 cups of Johnson's Protein (Rheo H. Blair's Protein) per day. I would mix it with cream and milk. I used about 2/3 of a quart of cream a day in mixing this along with the milk to make it the desired consistency. I took this protein-cream mix three times per day. I would eat 6 to 8 times per day. I would have breakfast, then a snack at 10 A. M. and then lunch at noon, then another snack at 2:30 P.M., then dinner plus the Protein-Cream drink. My evening meal is eaten after I work out."